Gym membership and Summer Go Hand in Hand

I just enjoyed this past week swimming at the local beach, power walking the SUNY campus roads and taking long bike rides.  Why belong to a gym when there are so many easy, free outdoor activities?  Quickly looking at the calendar year and the human brain will explain why I’m taking advantage of the gorgeous summer days while keeping my gym membership.

A quick seasonal gallop through Long Island starts with a Spring that fights and finally wins over winter, but not until about mid-April, then blooms in May and just about all of June.  July and August raise the temperature and humidity and the frequency of thunderstorms.  We are a Testy, Muggy, Mosquito Buggy place.  We wheeze up the air conditioner and huddle inside, avoiding the 97+ degree heat with 90% humidity.  We can venture to the beach now but crowds swarm the public beaches and the horse flies are impervious to anything other than a gun.  Autumn breezes in and we reclaim the road and water and then the real Fall starts creeping in, arguing with the temperature, causes lots of rain and beating Summer out .  The roads become treacherous for bikes with the rain, leaves, and school bus and college traffic; and then winter.  There’s a window of about 3 summer months and 2 Fall months where Life is Perfect.  That means there are 7 months of Life Being Imperfect.  Then there’s that little thing called willpower.

We can’t help it, dear as we are.  We are looking for any excuse to avoid what’s good for us; human nature.  With the ratio of capricious weather outweighing the good and you realize you need that gym.  It is the chain that links the lifestyle picture together, visiting with your gym-buddies on off-weather days, learning what they’re doing outside the gym for fun.  Maybe you learn about a 5K or chat with someone’s who’s training for an Iron Man.  It is your gym connections that keep you not only going to the gym but also enjoying exercise outside the gym.

So live it up: swim and bike and kayak and run and walk the dog.  When a rainy day or muggy day or too-many-kids-on-the-beach day arises, hit the gym.  Your personal trainer brings motivation and success if prepping to ramp up for any sport.  The Yoga, Zoomba and Boot Camp classes keep you connected to your fellow travelers; keep you going.  Keep it going by keeping connected: that’s the key to success.


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