Rain and thunderstorms: To 5K or NOT to 5K …. hmmm…

Lightning warnings run throughout the early morning in past noon.  The road’s already slick with last night’s downpour and the silt of fallen leaves, pollen and whatall.  Having fallen on slippery, hilly, LI north shore roads in the past with scrapery, knee-ish results, I am fall-shy.  So I decided this morning notto run in a 5K.

I LOVE the 5K’s because they push me along; make me chug faster, I-think-I-can, I-think-I-can, red faced and out of breath I enjoy crossing that finish line, even if I’m almost last.

My ever practical spouse asked me, “Why don’t you train for these races? Try to improve your time?”  Oddly enough, I never thought of training or improving.  I was just trying to get out there and do it, Get-er-done.  The track, which is less than five minutes away, could be a great option.

I’ve got to do SOMETHING – something for one hour at least- so this is the mindset – either bike, walk, run, swim or go to the gym.

What a turn around from doing… well… nothing.  So when it rains, you can still pour – pour on the sweat – somewhere.


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